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Love Katowice and vicinity #LocalsRecommend


All lovers of events combined with good food, music and great people will be delighted with the Centum Kato initiative. It is an initiative combining various types of cultural and gastronomic events taking place in the very heart of Katowice, on the square and terraces of Spodek (the place where we will meet at the Congress).
















Love Katowice and vicinity #Trips


Our venue and the immediate surroundings, i.e. the centre of Katowice, are very attractive, as you can find out from the other notes of the #LoveKatowice or #LocalsRecommend series. There is, however, an opportunity to explore more of southern Poland and visit some interesting places.














Get to know Krakow - the jewel of southern Poland  #LoveKatowiceAndVicinity #Krakow


Krakow is probably the most visited city in Poland by tourists. Once the capital of the country, it is now a beautiful historic city in the midst of low mountains, with the Vistula River flowing through it, with a unique old town and a huge market square. It is located less than 90 km from Katowice (about 60-75 minutes by car, bus or train).
















NOSPR concert Hall #LoveKatowice


The building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra is not only the pride of Katowice, but also - according to many respected artists - one of the finest venues of its kind in the world.
















Nikiszowiec, history, culture and entertainment #LocalsRecommend


The former coal miners' district of Nikiszowiec (German: Nikischschacht) is home to some highly unique early 20th-century architecture...
















Spodek – the icon of Katowice #LoveKatowice


Not far from the market square (some 500 metres) in the immediate vicinity of our congress is Katowice's most recognisable architectural icon, the Spodek (meaning flying saucer). The unusual and bold structure, which was built in 1971, still impresses with its shape today.















Test our hospitality #LocalsRecommend


If you want to experience the famous polish hospitality (or maybe you want to find out if Poles are really able to hold their drink), then visit these exciting locations in the heart of the city.
















Taste Katowice #LocalsRecommend


If you get hungry while you're in the area, be sure to visit Madara Ramen at 12 Stanisława Moniuszki Street and try Japanese dishes or the AIOLI inspired by Katowice restaurant in the heart of the market, which offers a variety of world cuisines.















The centre of Katowice, entertainment and culture #LoveKatowice


If you're planning to visit Katowice, be aware that we have much more to offer than the Congress itself. The venue is located in the very centre of Katowice, which is a centre of culture, entertainment and delicious food, wrapped in extraordinary buildings and architecture.




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