Guest Sessions

Friday at the EAWOP congress will focus strongly on aspects of practice in our profession and acknowledges that Researchers, Teachers and Practitioners often fail to recognise that they often work in silos and thus fail to benefit from synergies and fail to speak with a common voice that could have massive impact on the world of work.





The Alliance is a federation of Work, Industrial, & Organizational Psychology societies from around the world and with EAWOP as a member organization, AOP will run sessions at congress that are well worth attending. 





This major initiative by EAWOP focusses on the need for WOP to make a real difference in the world and this half-day grouping of fascinating sessions starts off with presentations on the theme What is the EAWOP Impact Incubator and our role? from Annemarie Hiemstra (EAWOP President) and an update by Ros Searle on strategic goals and what has already been achieved.




Climate change is one of the most challenging issues that will impact the future of work. Organizations must consider their energy use and the sustainability of their work processes. They also need to view their green image and decide how to communicate about their sustainability.


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