Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP)

The Alliance is a federation of Work, Industrial, & Organizational Psychology societies from around the world ( and with EAWOP as a member organization, AOP will run sessions at congress that are well worth attending. 



At this congress AOP are featuring five contributions:


  • (1) WOP contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Gosia Kozusznik and Aníbal López will lead a panel discussion for participants to get the opportunity to discuss the role and contribution of Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) the UN SDGs. You will hear from experts in this area providing an overview of the current state of affairs. In addition, this is an opportunity to focus on the link with the EAWOP incubator and discuss potential ways of influencing the future for policy making. Panel members include Vicente Martínez-Tur, Ishbel McWha-Hermann and Alexandra Michel.



  • (2) Ethical, relevant and rigorous research 6 years after - Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (EJWOP, 2017) in the WOP community

In February 2016, 24 scholars in the field of WOP met to discuss measures to lead WOP out of the global reputation and impact crisis in academia. There was much ambition and commitment in the room, which led to a memorandum of understanding published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology in 2017, listing actions that the WOP community could take at individual and institutional levels. The memorandum was introduced and discussed at several Alliance sessions at SIOP, EAWOP, and IAAP. Now, six years later, it is time to take stock in this interactive session to move further by reaffirming and updating the memorandum and encouraging a wider community within WOP to participate and carry the work forward. Gudela Grote and M. Gloria González-Morales will chair this event.



  • (3) Gender Equality in the Workplace

There has never been a better time to be a woman”, said Oprah Winfrey in 2019. Recent policies across many US states that have eroded women’s rights, the lack of tolerance and increase in hate crime towards our LGBTQ+ community around the world, and women’s fight for basic human rights, such as access to education and healthcare in certain parts of the world, tell us otherwise. Just as we are still very far from achieving gender equality in the society, we also have a lot of work to do to achieve gender equality in the workplace.     


This session will start with a number of focussed presentations and culminate in a panel discussion. M. Gloria González-Morales will focus on approaches to transform organizational cultures and practices to achieve real equality in the workplace. The second presentation by Belinda Steffan will talk about how menopause affects women at work. In the third presentation, Dana Unger will analyse how watching gender stereotypical TV shows in the evening relates to support seeking and support receiving at work the next day. The fourth presentation by Julie Jebsen will discuss the importance of role models, mentors, and sponsors for the retention and career progression of women in STEM. In the fifth presentation, Carol Linehan will discuss the challenges and opportunities of embedding a gender perspective in a large research project.  



  • (4) IWOP Declaration of Identity

Professionals in Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology (IWOP) do not have common positions, beliefs, and values about its public voice, yet we have a responsibility to support decision-makers where workers’ experiences and performance are impacted. Drawing on communications and discussions that ensued among IWOP affiliates attending major conferences, a Declaration of Identity was drafted. The session will be chaired by Barbara Kozusznik President of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology and Sharon Glazer Secretary General of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology.


This session involves Annemarie Hiemstra (EAWOP President), Alex Haslam (Australian Laureate Fellow of the University of Queensland), Vicente Martinz Tur (Division 1, IAAP President) and Donald Truxillo (Fellow of SIOP, APA, APS, and IAAP). It is intended to introduce participants to the Declaration of Identity, review each of its tenets and seek audience participation to:

  • o Discuss identity: Who are IWOPs, their stakeholders and clients? What can IWOPs contribute to organizations to ensure high performing and healthy workers?
  • o Promote the Declaration’s aims for addressing an action-oriented identity with statements declaring our broad-based, globally shared competencies.
  • o Discuss language: How might IWOP’s best reach the intended audience of non-IWOP management and decision-makers?
  • o Discuss thoughts about how parts of the Declaration resonate with others in terms of its aims, attention to identity, and action-oriented goals? 



  • (5) Meet the Editors

This panel discussion gives participants the unique opportunity to meet and hear from editors of some of the well-established journals in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology about expectations of editors for potentially publishable papers, the journal submission process, and the journal review process. In addition, the editors will discuss their ideas about the future of research and balancing rigor and impact of research. The session will be structured in 3 parts Overview of each journal Characteristics of an “ideal” paper The future of research – It is either rigor or impact? Can the twain ever meet?


The session will be chaired and facilitated by Deirdre O’Shea, Chair of the AOP conference subcommittee and EAWOP executive committee member and Gosia Kozusznik, AOP conference subcommittee member and member of Board of Directors of the IAAP. The Editor Panel Participants are:


Paula Brough, Griffith University, Australia - Associate Editor, Work & Stress

Claudia Buengeler, Kiel University, Germany -Editor, Organizational Psychology Review

Charles Calderwood, Virginia Tech, USA - Associate Editor, Journal of Organizational Behavior

Nele de Cuyper, KU Leuven, Belgium - Co-Editor, Applied Psychology: An International Review

Ute Hülsheger, Maastricht University, the Netherlands - Associate Editor, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

Jonas Lang, University of Exeter, UK - Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology

Sandra Ohly, University of Kassel, Germany - Editor, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Shani Pindek, University of Haifa, Israel - Associate Editor, Work & Stress

Kristina Potočnik, University of Edinburgh, UK - Associate Editor, Journal of Management Studies

Roni Reiter-Palmon, University of Nebraska Omaha, USA - Editor, Organizational Psychology Review

Ulrike Fasbender, University of Hohenheim, Germany - Associate Editor, Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Lisa Schurer Lambert, Oklahoma State University - Co-Editor, Organizational Research Methods

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