Why Katowice?


The city is the capital of the Upper Silesia region, famous for many coal mines and heavy industry but nowadays is especially proud of its modern and innovative industry, like IT companies and startups. This short film is an illustration of Katowice's fast development and its new face. We encourage everyone interested in visiting Katowice to check out the city's website.


At the same time the Upper Silesia region is promoting its industrial past with many historical places and monuments. Close to Katowice is located the best known historical Polish city, Krakow, worth visiting in every season and weather. The next special place for foreign visitors is Auschwitz-Birkenau nazicamp (about 40 min by car from Katowice) which has a totally different climate than the beautiful city of Krakow, but which is one of the most important historical places in the world. 


Also, the location of Katowice is no accident. It is well connected, with 3 airports less than 100 km away and some of the biggest national roads and train lines running through it. It is additionally equipped with great public transport - buses or streetcars and car, scooter or electric scooter rental systems.


If you want to learn about Silesian culture and tradition or tourist opportunities in Poland click on the corresponding links.



View of the city.  Source: Babulashotsdron



Where are we going to meet?


Get to know our venue. The International Congress Centre (ICC) in Katowice is among the best facilities in Poland for business events. Finished in 2015, the building is characterized by its post-industrial aesthetic and functional design. The International Congress Centre was established in the heart of the Culture Zone, in a new and revitalized space near the iconic Spodek complex. Spodek means ‘saucer’ in Polish and it comprises a multipurpose arena with a gym, an ice rink, and a hotel.  There are also other unique buildings at this location such as the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Silesian Museum.


The architectural design of the International Congress Centre won first place in an international urban architecture competition. The ICC's winning architecture was designed by JEMS Architekci in Warsaw. The main idea was to channel the modernist architecture of Katowice that together with Spodek would create an appealing recreational area. Hence the Green Valley runs through the centre of the ICC, connecting it with Spodek and generating a synergy between the two buildings and the events taking place therein. The ICC terrace overlooking Spodek has become a favourite hang-out for locals.





























The International Congress Centre and Spodek. Source: MCK Katowice
































Silesian Museum near the venue. Source: Babulashotsdron


How to get there?


By car


The location of the ICC near highways A4 and A1 makes it easy to reach from many places within Poland and Europe. Numerous car parks in the vicinity allow convenient access to the facility.






















Plan of the venue (MCK) and parking arrangements. Source: MCK Katowice


By train


The International Conference Centre can be reached from the PKP train station:


In 15 minutes by foot (2.5 km)

By taxi from Plac Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej or ul. Młyńska.


By tram and bus


By tram from the Katowice Dworzec PKP stop. Take lines T2, T11, T13, T23, or T43 to the Katowice Rondo stop (8 min.)


The bus and tram stops closest to the International Conference Centre are "Katowice Rondo", "Katowice Spodek", and "Katowice Uniwersytecka".


By plane


The International Conference Centre is 30 km from the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport. Travel from the airport to the ICC by car takes around half an hour. Taxis from the airport cost around PLN 100, and buses around PLN 30). When taking a bus from the Katowice airport, you can get off at stops Katowice Sokolska (1 km from the ICC), or Katowice Hotel Novotel (850 m from the ICC).


The proximity of international airports in Cracow, Kraków-Balice (70 km, around 50 min.) and Ostrava (100 km, around 1h) make the ICC easy to reach from many destinations in Poland, Europe, and beyond.


MadridCracow-Balice without transfers flight duration approx. 3 h 15 min. or with a transfer of about 5 h.

LondonKatowice-Pyrzowice at least 2 flights a day flight duration approx. 2 h 10 min.

LondonCracow-Balice 5 daily flights flight duration approx. 2h 20 min.

MunichCracow-Balice without transfers flight duration approx. 1h 20 min.

BerlinCracow-Balice with a connecting flight (e.g. Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam) approx. 3 h.

Rome Cracow-Balice without a transfer flight duration approx. 2h 5 min.





















Travel information. Source: own

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