The Future is Now: So is Climate Change


Climate change is one of the most challenging issues that will impact the future of work. Organizations must consider their energy use and the sustainability of their work processes. They also need to view their green image and decide how to communicate about their sustainability. And how to deal with employees who want vegan lunches in the canteen? Or refuse to fly for work? These are only some examples of how climate change affects the W&O psychology domain.

These examples - and plenty more - will be discussed during this panel session moderated by Gerdien de Vries. Panelists will share insights from environmental and W&O psychology with professionals who already deal with climate change in the workplace. The panellists will talk about themes that include corporate-level decision-making, human resource management, leadership, and organizational change. Of course, the audience can participate in this lively discussion!


Annemarie Hiemstra (President of EAWOP. Erasmus University)
Alex Haslam (University of Queensland)
Slawomir Cyza (Alstom Group)
Terri Morrissey (Go Green Routes
Carina Keller (EBS University)

Gerdien de Vries (Delft University of Technology

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