Nikiszowiec, history, culture and entertainment #LocalsRecommend


The former coal miners' district of Nikiszowiec (German: Nikischschacht) is home to some highly unique early 20th-century architecture as well as an excellent Wilson Shaft Gallery, a magnificent St. Anne's Church, and a few additional offbeat attractions, like very good restaurant Śląska Prohibicja.



View of the Nikiszowiec district. Source: DronoArt



What is fascinating, the district is still alive, which means not only regular residents, visitors, and trips there but also two big fairs every year – for Christmas (in December) and for St.Anne’s Day (in July). One of the visitors, Philip Zimbardo, was fascinated by this place so much that he became a co-founder of the Youth Center at the Nikiszowiec.



View of the Nikiszowiec district. Source: DronoArt

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