Test our hospitality #LocalsRecommend


If you want to experience the famous polish hospitality (or maybe you want to find out if Poles are really able to hold their drink), then visit these exciting locations in the heart of the city:

Pub "KATO" at 13 Mariacka Street, a place where, in addition to drinking good beer, they also organise concerts and discussion meetings.




Mariacka Street becomes vibrant in the evenings. Source: se.pl


Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa on 8 Mariacka Street has a nostalgic atmosphere of the 1960s in post-war Poland. The restaurant has a wide selection of drinks, as well as snacks typical of the time - cold legs, herring, beef tartar or sour soup.


Katofonia, at 18a Mariacka Street, is a music club with a rock climate, which invites musicians, connoisseurs and fans of jazz, blues, funk and rock & roll music.


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