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For years, the rhythm of life in Katowice was determined by the mines. Closed during the political transformation period, they left behind a void and swathes of wasteland in the city centre. Today, the post-industrial site is once again vibrant with life - this time culturally. In addition to the NOSPR concert hall, the Silesian Museum and the Congress Centre have been located here. This complex of buildings, together with the neighbouring icon Spodek, creates a new quality to match the modern ambitions of the Silesian capital. Because Katowice is a city on the move, transforming but not forgetting its roots. The building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra is not only the pride of Katowice, but also - according to many respected artists - one of the finest venues of its kind in the world.


Entrance to the concert hall and facade of the NOSPR building. Source: own


At the heart of the building is a monumental mass of coloured concrete concealing a concert hall with 1,800 seats. This great hall captivates with its intimacy. The auditorium surrounds the stage on all sides, shortening the distance between the musicians and the audience. The acoustics of the NOSPR hall were supervised by a master of his craft - Yasuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustics, who has a portfolio of projects for the world's best concert halls.


At the heart of the orchestra hall is a world-class organ. The outcome of countless hours of consultation and research by the author of the concept of the NOSPR organ - Julian Gembalski, the chief constructor - Anton Škrabel and the architect of the NOSPR headquarters - Tomasz Konior, is a monumental instrument in the style of French symphonism, measuring 13 metres high, 9 metres wide and 6 metres deep, consisting of 108 voices and two playing tables.


The NOSPR concert hall, with a view of the organ. Source: NOSPR


For more photos and information, I invite you to visit their official website. If you are going to the EAWOP Congress this May you will certainly have the opportunity to experience the place. More information coming soon.



The Zone of Culture, Katowice. Source:

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