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If you're planning to visit Katowice, be aware that we have much more to offer than the Congress itself. The venue is located in the very centre of Katowice, which is a centre of culture, entertainment and delicious food, wrapped in extraordinary buildings and architecture. The buildings on the square were constructed from the mid-19th century onwards. At noon, Katowice's bugle call is played from the top of a tenement house located on the square and at the junction of Młyńska and Pocztowa Streets. The bugle call was composed in 2002 by Bytom high school student Adam Biernacki, winner of a competition for the piece.


The centre is a meeting place for many people. Of particular note are Warszawska, Mariacka and Francuska streets. They are characterised by a large number of cafes, restaurants, shops and clubs. It is a meeting place for young people and adults from the nearby Universities, of which there are several in Katowice.


Katowice's market square - the city's cultural and entertainment hub. Source: CyberDron.PL


The city square, located in the centre of Katowice, is one of the main squares of the city centre. It forms a single functional and architectural complex. There are many historic tenement houses here, but also:

  • Stanisław Wyspianski Silesian Theatre in Katowice,
  • Silesian Press House,
  • "Skarbek" Co-operative Shopping Centre.

One of the main attractions of the square is the artificial Rawa - a fountain imitating a river with palm trees and benches around, which is a characteristic landscape of the centre of Katowice in summer. In winter, on the other hand, it is home to the Christmas Market.


Christmas market at the market square, in the centre of Katowice. Source: CyberDron.PL

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