Love Katowice and vicinity #LocalsRecommend


The terraces of the Spodek and the Kato Centre initiative from a drone view.
The black building with a lawn on the roof in the centre of this photo is the venue for our Congress. Source: Centrum Kato/ DronoArt


All lovers of events combined with good food, music and great people will be delighted with the Centum Kato initiative. It is an initiative combining various types of cultural and gastronomic events taking place in the very heart of Katowice, on the square and terraces of Spodek (the place where we will meet at the Congress). After leaving the venue, heading towards the terraces, we will find food stalls, catering trucks and deckchairs for full relaxation in a great company. Most often accompanied by music. Sit on the grass, a bench or take a deckchair and enjoy streetfood from around the world, kraft beer from local breweries and much more. Pizza, fries, ice cream, burgers, but WARNING - far from fast food! There are also concerts, open-air cinemas, an urban jungle (plant sale) and other such events. Evenings in Katowice cannot be boring.


Refreshment stand and participants at the Kato Centre event. Source: Centrum Kato



A view of participants at the Kato Centre event last summer. Source: Centrum Kato.

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