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Krakow is probably the most visited city in Poland by tourists. Once the capital of the country, it is now a beautiful historic city in the midst of low mountains, with the Vistula River flowing through it, with a unique old town and a huge market square. It is located less than 90 km from Katowice (about 60-75 minutes by car, bus or train). Ideas on how to spend your time there can be found, among others, here, here and in this video. The medieval market square, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wawel Hill or cruises on the Vistula River are just a few of the suggestions from the entire range of Krakow and its vicinity. Kraków covers different kinds of tours on Kraków Walking Tours page, Kraków Food Tours page, Kraków Drink Tours page, and Kraków River Cruises page.


Wawel Castle and the port on the Vistula River. Source:


Krakow’s Balice is home to the largest airport in southern Poland, so it is not unlikely that you will find the best train or flight connection from your home country to Krakow-Balice. If you are planning to visit the centre of Krakow for a couple of hours or even longer, take a look at this website, which will help you to get to the centre from the airport.


On the other hand, you will find it helpful to get to the centre of Katowice, where our Congress is taking place, by visiting this page.


Part of the market square in Krakow and the characteristic horse-drawn carriages. Source:



Icon of Krakow - St Mary's Church on the main square. Source:


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