These are multi-presenter sessions that should be collaborative in nature and must have participants from at least two different countries and/or from academics and practitioners, e.g.:

  • (a) Science
  • (b) Practice
  • (c) Science & Practice
  • (d) Science & Practice & Client/End User


A Symposium provides reports of empirical research, innovative practice, and/or theoretical advances. Ideally it demonstrates real world impact or potential for impact.


Each Symposium has a chairperson/convenor and three to five presenters, or three to four presenters and a discussant. The lead person submitting the symposium proposal is designated as the symposium chair.


The time allocation is normally a maximum of 60 minutes based on 10 minutes per speaker or discussant plus 10 minutes Q&A.


All contributions to the symposium, in the form of a 5000-character Abstract for each element, must be gathered and submitted by the symposium chair through the on-line system. As an example, a symposium with four speakers would require the lead person to submit (1) an overall symposium Abstract, (2) four presenter Abstracts, and (3) personal details for all four people.  If there is also a separate discussant whose role is to facilitate discussion and Q&A, the personal details for that person must also be provided but no Abstract is required for the discussant.


The overall Symposium Abstract (750 words) should include:

  1. Title of the symposium
  2. What will be covered and why (including the contribution of any discussant)
  3. Relevance to the Congress Theme
  4. Research/Practical Implications
  5. Overall conclusions


Abstracts (5000 characters) of an empirical oral presentation in a Symposium should include:

  1. Title
  2. Research goals and why the work was worth doing
  3. Theoretical background
  4. Design/Methodology/Approach/Intervention
  5. Results obtained or expected (if not available, it must be made clear when they will be)
  6. Limitations
  7. Conclusions – research and or practical implications
  8. Relevance to the Congress Theme
  9. Relevant UN SDGs


Abstracts (5000 characters) of a theoretical oral presentation in a Symposium should include:

  1. Title
  2. Theoretical background
  3. New Perspectives/Contributions
  4. Conclusions – research and or practical implications
  5. Relevance to the Congress Theme
  6. Relevant UN SDGs


Examples of symposia submissions

- A collection of presentations discussing empirical work or a combination of empirical and theoretical work about a common topic or research question.

- A collection of presentations discussing actual or potential work that implements WOP techniques or addresses WOP issues in organizations. These might include discussing new challenges in the work environment and innovative solutions to these challenges using the principles of WOP psychology.

  • A collection of presentations focusing on a single collaboration or on multiple collaborative efforts between academics and practitioners and clients/end users. The focus could be on the issues related to conducting such collaborations or the results of such collaborations.



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