Mediation, moderation, and conditional mediation with Process for SPSS: the templates and beyond




Code: PM04


Presenter: Ana Hernández


Organisation represented: University of Valencia


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • be able to use the macro “Process for SPSS” (Hayes, 2017)
  • test and interpret moderation effects: test and plot conditional slopes and regions of significance
  • test and interpret mediated effects: Bootstrap, Montecarlo methods and plots
  • test and interpret moderated mediation: test and plot conditional indirect effects and regions of significance
  • create custom models with Process: syntax and interpretation


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop will benefit those interested in using an easy tool to test for mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation, going beyond established pre-set models (templates). Some data files will be provided but participants should feel free to bring their own data too. Attendees should already be familiar with multiple regression and will need to provide their own laptops with SPSS installed.


Discover more

The workshop will start with an overview of the basic theory behind mediation and moderation with examples and learn how to create the conditional effects, the indirect effects and the conditional indirect effects. Then we will use real data to test for moderation, mediation and moderated mediation by means of the macro “Process for SPSS”. 

We will go from the simplest models (one moderator; one mediator) to more complex models (moderated moderation; sequential and parallel mediators; moderated mediation) covered by existing templates. Then we will move away from those templates to create custom models (under some restrictions).


Price: €35

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