Panel Discussion

These sessions will include between 2 and 4 panellists and one facilitator, discussing a controversial topic from different perspectives.


These will typically be 60-minute sessions, with 45 minutes guided discussion/debate, followed by 15 minutes open discussion. There is the option to glean questions from the audience in advance and/or during the event. Other ways to structure a panel are of course welcome and a Town Hall format is also possible.


Submissions will require a 5000-character Abstract which clearly justifies inclusion in the programme and identifies the expertise of panellists plus their positions on the controversial topic.


Abstracts (5000-character) for a Panel submission are structured:

  1. Title, name, and affiliation for all panel members
  2. Why this topic justifies inclusion in the programme, particularly its relevance to the congress theme
  3. Why these panel members will add value
  4. Implications for research and practice
  5. Expected audience size and why
  6. Relevant UN SDGs



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