HUCAMA FACTORS personality, ability and competency assessment accreditation workshop



Code: FD05


Presenters: Rainer Kurz and Michele Guarini


Organisation represented: HUCAMA Analytics Ltd


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • obtain HUCAMA FACTORS practitioner accreditation 
  • learn about contemporary perspectives on personality, ability, and competency assessments as well as their interplay
  • explore the impact of normative and ipsatised measurement as well as extreme tiebreakers on interpretation
  • learn about contemporary thinking with regards to construct hierarchies and the nature of related constructs such as emotional intelligence and learning agility
  • experience cutting-edge dynamic reporting of individual and group results


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at experienced psychometric test users. Pre-course completion of tools is required (approximately 2 hours) and some post-course work if a delegate is not already certified at EFPA level 2 or BPS Occupational Test User (Ability & Personality) standard.


Discover more

HUCAMA FACTORS is a comprehensive suite of personality, ability, and competency assessments with versions for general, professional, and executive roles. Interactive demonstrations and case studies will familiarise delegates with the tools.


Ability Factors is a non-verbal reasoning measure covering Diagrammatic Matrices, Number Series and Spatial Reasoning. The total time limit for the completion of the separately timed sections is 24 minutes, or 12 minutes in screening or follow-up use. A verbal component is also available.


Personality and Competency Factors revolve around an aligned Success Factors model that integrates Cybernetic Personality Theory (DeYoung, 2015) and the Great 8 Competencies (Kurz & Bartram, 2002). Following a development study involving 466 professionals and managers the draft model was unveiled at The Psychometric Forum in November 2020.


The tools measure 8 factors through 48 facets as aligned predictor and criterion measures respectively. They feature a dynamic Extreme Tie Breaker approach that applies ipsatised scoring techniques (Bartram, 1996) and builds on Kurz (2019). The observed total score validity with reviewer ratings was .50 (N=113).


Completion of the 80 (PF16), 160 (PF32) and 240 (PF48) statements takes about 10, 20 and 30 minutes respectively, and for the 48 statements in HUCAMA Competency Factors about 6 minutes.


Price: €70

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