Mixed methods research projects: development, implementation and evaluation




Code: FD04


Presenter: Anouk Jasmin Albien


Organisation represented: University of Lausanne


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • gain a basic understanding of the purpose and theoretical foundations of mixed-methods research
  • introduce some commonly used mixed-methods research approaches
  • discuss how to integrate qualitative and quantitative research data
  • understand important considerations when designing, implementing and evaluating a mixed-methods research project
  • obtain resources and feedback for developing mixed-methods research projects


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed to support both practitioners and researchers facing the challenge of tackling mixed-methods research projects. An overview of mixed-methods research designs will be included in the workshop, so extensive knowledge is not required. Participants are expected to read a few key texts and cases studies to participate efficiently in the workshop and group discussions. Participants are also encouraged to bring along mixed-methods research projects that they would like to develop in the workshop.


Discover more

This workshop will focus on how to develop, implement and evaluate mixed-methods research projects for researchers and practitioners who are currently being challenged with integrating quantitative and qualitative data strands in their own research projects. This workshop is focused on providing a mixture of important theoretical and practical approaches in developing, implementing and evaluating mixed-methods research. The presenter has researched extensively in this area, and previous workshops have been well-attended and received positive feedback. The workshop will take a problem-based approach using case study material, and also allow participants to supply and develop their own examples of mixed-methods research designs. Participants will have multiple opportunities during the day to share experiences and expertise within breakout groups as they tackle various tasks and discuss their research approaches and learning experiences.


Price: €70

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