These sessions allow practical demonstrations of an intervention, technique or product in 30 to 45 minutes. There is expected to be minimal description and there must be an interactive element for the audience. Support materials should be available for later reference. While we accept that there may be a commercial aspect to the demonstration, the submission needs to make clear its contribution to this scientific programme.


Examples of possible structures of a Demonstration



  1. A brief introduction to Mindfulness
  2. A guided mindfulness meditation
  3. A case study of how mindfulness was used in an organisation
  4. A summary of the impact evidence


New Psychometric Instrument

  1. A brief introduction to the theory and rationale of the instrument
  2. An overview of the report structure
  3. A video of an extract from a feedback session
  4. A brief overview of validity/applications


Submissions will require a 5000-characters Abstract which clearly justifies inclusion in the programme and identifies the expertise of the presenter.


Abstracts (5000 characters limit) for a Demonstration submission are structured:

  1. Title, name and affiliation for the presenter
  2. Why this topic justifies inclusion in the programme - what are the takeaway benefits?
  3. Description of the session specifying interactive element
  4. Implications for research and practice
  5. Expected audience size and why



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