Introduction to multilevel modelling




Code: AM04


Presenter: Vicente González-Romá


Organisation represented: University of Valencia


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • understand the logic underlying multilevel modelling methods
  • learn how multilevel models are constructed
  • learn the meaning of their parameters
  • understand their usefulness in applied research
  • be able to build multilevel models adapted to specific research questions


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is relevant to researchers at any stage of their careers who want to understand how multilevel modelling works. Participants should have a basic knowledge of multiple regression and bring their laptop with them.


Discover more

Researchers address questions that are multilevel in nature – for example, how team leadership influences employee performance – and can only be resolved using appropriate modelling methods.

Professor Vicente González-Romá has been teaching introductory and advanced courses on multilevel modelling across Europe for the last 17 years and will be presenting a customised version of this training at EAWOP 2023. This half-day session includes a blend of instruction, worked example, practical exercises, and case studies, and will be structured into three modules:

  1. Learning the logic and rationale underlying multilevel modelling methods
  2. Learning how to build basic multilevel models
  3. Practice: defining multilevel models to investigate specific research questions.

Compared with other similar, more extended programs, this workshop enables participants to learn the essentials of multilevel modelling in just a half-day.



Price: €35

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