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Code: PM06


Presenters: Sandra Ohly and  Despoina Xanthopoulou


Organisations represented: University of Kassel and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • appreciate the key issues in getting research published
  • avoid common pitfalls while preparing a scientific paper for submission
  • gain insight into one’s own strength and weaknesses in the process
  • enhance feelings of cohesion and self-efficacy by sharing stories


Who is this workshop for?

Academic psychologists, typically early-career researchers, who are keen to get their work published in academic journals and might in some cases be finding this challenging will find this session invaluable. A basic understanding of research methodology is desirable.


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Many delegates at congress are naturally interested in seeing their work published in quality journals, but do not always find this as straightforward as they had hoped. This workshop focuses on helping researchers improve their publishing skills and guiding them through the publication process.


The presenters will clarify the expectations concerning submissions to scientific journals. Discussion will centre around common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Participants will analyse published papers as part of a hands-on activity.The presenters will give tips and tricks of revising their papers in accordance with reviewer comments, and on how to write a response letter.


The workshop will be facilitated by the Editor and Associate Editor of The European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (EJWOP). The EJWOP is a target outlet for many European researchers and the guidance given during the workshop will also be applicable to other journals in this field.


Price: €35

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