Mars 2100 - a future of work simulation


Code: PM03


Presenter: Richard Wood


Organisation represented: The Ready


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • learn to balance short and long term investment
  • explore focus versus diversification strategies
  • develop strategies up-ended by unpredictable events
  • propose and experiment with ways of working within the team
  • practise making decisions with incomplete information


Who is this workshop for?

Individuals from any level, discipline or department may be interested in this highly interactive, team-based, and hands-on workshop. It will be of particular interest to those working in fast-paced work environments and/or thinking about moving to a self-management model of operations.


Discover more

Mars 2100 is a future of work simulation where teams of eight self-organise to build and sustain a community on Mars. While trying to invest resources wisely, they must also respond to emergent events, operate under constraining rules, and play from defined roles. 


Each team competes with all other teams through 60 minutes of scenario-based, facilitator-led game play. The time goes quickly as the team has to collaborate to make smart decisions, sometimes using incomplete or unreliable information.


The rules imposed by the federation will feel familiar as they struggle for survival in an ineffective bureaucracy.


After the points are tallied, an in-depth retrospective is conducted to land learnings around strategy, operations and teaming.


The learnings then form the basis of experiment design activity where participants commit to trying a new way of working once they return to work.


Price: €35

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