Happy, healthy, and productive?! A workshop to promote sustainable careers for doctoral students


Code: PM01


Presenter: Annabelle Hofer


Organisation represented: University of Cologne


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • know your central resources
  • know how you can gain or generate further resources as a doctoral student
  • be prepared to transfer what you have learned into your daily work


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop aims to contribute to sustainable career development for doctoral students so that they are satisfied, physically and mentally healthy, and able to perform over the longer term. The workshop will include short presentations, individual work, interactive small group work, and plenary discussions. Participants receive a preparatory task in advance, approximately 14 days before the workshop. The preparatory task takes approximately 30 minutes. A laptop with internet access is necessary for participation in the workshop.


Discover more

Precarious employment conditions in the form of fixed-term contracts and part-time positions, as well as subjective career insecurity and job insecurity, are part of everyday working life for doctoral students.


How can we ensure that talented and motivated doctoral students remain in science in the long term and that their careers can develop sustainably? Together with the participants, we develop approaches to maintain the motivation of doctoral students and expand their pool of resources.


The framework model on “sustainable careers” by De Vos et al. (2020) provides the starting point for the content topics of this workshop. It is a dynamic process model that considers the three key dimensions of person, context, and time. It aims to achieve a good person-career fit to enable a sustainable career.


Dr. Annabelle Hofer is a Junior Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of Cologne (Germany). Her research aims to contribute to sustainable career and organisational development in times of digitisation and new work.


Price: €35

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