The challenges of change and uncertainty: how to lead on climate action


Code: FD07


Presenters: Terri Morrissey and Richard Plenty


Organisation represented: Global Psychology Alliance


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • develop skills and competencies for leading in change and uncertainty with specific reference to climate action
  • examine the Richmor model for uncertainty management and how to apply it
  • explore exchange dynamics: planned and emergent change, forces for and against, and resistance to change
  • make use of change tools such as stakeholder analysis
  • understand more about bringing people on board: communication and community engagement methods
  • develop techniques for building networks and alliances of influence
  • learn from the convenors about their recent work in New Zealand with local, regional and national politicians


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be relevant to psychologists and other professionals who are interested and involved in change, uncertainty and climate change. It will also be of interest to activists engaged in community action, behaviour change and environmental issues.


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Effective climate action has profound implications requiring a transition across whole economies and societies. The implications for people are profound and will need attention at global, regional, national and local levels.


Change and transition must be made easier, so that climate action is seen to be in people’s interests rather than something necessitating sacrifice. Co-operation between governments, local authorities, communities, organisations and institutions – as well as a multi-disciplinary approach – will be essential to ensure efforts are integrated and cohesive.


Psychology and psychologists have an important role to play in bringing stakeholders together to find the best way forward – while at the same time helping those involved in climate action to get ‘up to speed’ with how best to communicate and bring about change.


This workshop will consist of a combination of inputs: models of change and uncertainty; practical exercises and examples using small and large group discussions.


Price: €70

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