The unseen bias at the core of decision making: a qualifying Risk Type Compass accreditation


Code: FD06


Presenters: Geoff Trickey and Chloe Davis


Organisation represented: Psychological Consultancy Limited (PLC)


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • appreciate the crucial importance of the relationship between risk and decision-making
  • understand the roots of decision making in Emotion and Cognition in relation to Risk Type theory
  • appreciate how individual measures of Risk Type can reliably be generated psychometrically
  • understand how Risk Types apply to decision making ‘across the board’, and in both personal and organisational contexts.
  • lay the foundations of Risk Type interpretation
  • deliver a Risk Type Compass feedback
  • introduce the Risk Type Compass group report and its role in facilitating a team workshop


Who is this workshop for?

Everyone has a predisposition towards risk that sits at the core of their decision-making – a unique deeply rooted personal bias. Whether interested in risk and decision-making by individuals, teams or organisations, this workshop will attract professionals operating at all levels in business and industry wanting to incorporate The Risk Type Compass tool into their portfolio.


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100% certainty is ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’, yet we often need to make decisions whatever the uncertainties ahead. The success or failure of any enterprise is defined wholly by its decision-making.  This is the crucible in which all our futures are created. This puts a lot of weight on the way we make decisions, who is involved and what biases they might bring to the table.

The Risk Type Compass models risk-taking personality. Recognising that decision-making involves our Cognition and our Emotion, the RTC psychometrically measures these key features of mental life to define our individual risk dispositions.

This RTC workshop will not only allow for personal development through exploring one’s own decision-making style but will also cover all areas of the RTC tool which allow you to become a fully certified trained user.

Geoff Trickey, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and creator of RTC, and Chloe Davis, Consultant Psychologist at PCL, will be facilitating this workshop, providing you with confidence that your training, usually priced at £495+VAT, will be conducted by highly experienced psychologists to equip you with the skills required to incorporate the tool within your portfolio.


Price: €70

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