The future of work: how to get started in the people experience process




Code: AM08


Presenters:  Paulina Robalino and Emanuel  Kasianczuk


Organisation represented: Slik


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • gain a basic understanding of People Experience as a management model focused on people
  • learn about the potential benefits of caring about People Experience.
  • learn how to create a people-centric strategy step-by-step and introduce some design thinking and agile tools for it
  • know when to use different “Employee Voice” (survey) methods in the workplace
  • learn how to show the importance of data-driven culture
  • learn how to make decisions and take action based on insights


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for practitioners, academics and students who want to understand how to create a new way of working as part of an organisation based on a people-centric model.

In a context in which companies are worried about how to attract, generate loyalty and retain talent, we aim to offer tools, techniques and first-hand experience on how to tackle this challenge.

No prior knowledge is required for participating in this workshop. It is suggested to bring a laptop or a mobile device. 


Discover more

For a long time, organisations assumed that people´s only choice was to work for them, but nowadays this is no longer the case. Organisations should be redesigned as spaces where people choose to be part of and develop themselves.

In this workshop, you will see how to create an employee-centric strategy using several marketing processes, understanding the employee´s “pain points” and designing with them accurate solutions to improve their experience.


The session will mix brief presentations and different activities to be solved in pairs or small groups. Participants will have multiple opportunities to ask and share experiences during the workshop while interacting with different tools.


The presenters have extensive experience in this area, having worked with several companies from different countries in America as well as in Europe. They will implement a problem-based approach sharing real cases and showing how companies have evolved using data to make the best decisions.


Price: €35

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