Connecting with key stakeholders to influence big decisions


Code: AM07


Presenter: Richard Griffith


Organisation represented: Florida Tech


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • understand the barriers to influential communication
  • transform principles familiar to organisational psychologists to more accessible general concepts
  • create personalised communication tools to enhance the ability to influence key stakeholders


Who is this workshop for?

Practitioners with significant client-facing roles or senior executive exposure will benefit from this workshop, as will academics needing to influence university administrators or funding agencies.


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Training in organisational psychology tends to focus on technical skills, and often academics and practitioners expect the ‘science to do the talking’ when trying to influence their clients, the media, funding agencies and other stakeholders.


These efforts are often less than successful. This workshop will focus on evidence-based communication strategies to help organisational psychologists streamline their messaging, make it more accessible, and communicate in a fashion that will help them achieve their goals.


Drawing on more than 20 years of experience coaching top executives to enhance their presentation skills, Richard will blend lecturette, discussion, and question and answer approaches to deliver his material, demonstrating the concepts presented in the workshop as he does so. Finally, workshop participants will complete a capstone exercise by transforming key concepts from their research/practice and presenting them to the full group.


Price: €35

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