Mindfulness Interventions at work: science and practice


Code: AM02


Presenters: Ute R. Hülsheger and Annika Nübold


Organisation represented: Maastricht University


The main learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • discuss evidence on benefits of mindfulness at work, including e.g., employee well-being and health, performance, relationships, and leadership
  • provide an overview of different mindfulness interventions and their advantages and disadvantages
  • offer an opportunity to try out and experience mindfulness practices
  • provide a platform to discuss success factors of mindfulness intervention research and develop own research ideas
  • provide a platform to discuss best practices and pitfalls in implementing mindfulness programs in organisations
  • critically reflect on the downsides of the mindfulness hype


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop targets both researchers as well as practitioners. Some content will be delivered to the entire audience in the form of a presentation. Later, topics which are of unique interest to either researchers or practitioners will be actively discussed by participants in subgroups. No formal qualifications are required for participation.


Discover more

Ute Hülsheger has studied mindfulness in the context of work for over ten years now and has published about it in top-tier outlets, including the Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. This allows her to share ample experience with mindfulness and mindfulness intervention research using a range of methodologies. She has been collaborating with mindfulness practitioners to offer mindfulness interventions in organisations and was a member of the international advisory board of Headspace, one of the most popular mindfulness apps. Furthermore, she has had the opportunity to gain experience with workshops on this topic for both scientific and practice-oriented audience (e.g. an EAWOP worklab in 2015; http://www.eawop.org/worklab-2015).


Annika Nübold has also gained ample experience with mindfulness research over the past years and published on mindfulness and leadership, and on mindfulness and personality dynamics. Furthermore, she has delivered various talks and mini-workshops about the topic in organisations and for scientific audiences. Her focus on mindfulness and mindfulness interventions in the context of leadership and personality development is a topic of increasing interest for researchers and practitioners.



Price: €35

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